Investment Opportunity

For those interested in being more directly involved in our financial management, the Balkan Rendezvous also offers a unique opportunity to earn a share of profits in the form of either –
1. Two year interest bearing unsecured loans, or
2. Dividend earning 5 year redeemable preference shares, or
3. Guaranteed two year buy-back at negotiated premium.
4. One of a limited number of positions as minor or major sponsors for amounts over US$5,000.
All returns on investment are negotiable but are affected by the fact that all our net income is for charity and welfare projects.

Being a not-for-profit event however, all investment options are for amounts in excess of US$500 and are for a short term, ensuring an above average return on investment at rates depending on the amounts invested.

Investments of US$500 and over may be eligible for “sponsor” status entitling commercial investors to income tax deductions and additional returns on investment.
Contact us for further details of what’s on offer indicating your desired sponsorship range.

To make an investment commitment, please go to our angel investment network site and follow the procedures.
Once you have registered your pledge, we will communicate to discuss your choice of investment.

Your pledge will not be collected until the total funds raised via our “Crowd Funding” and “Angel Investment” campaigns exceeds US$250,000

Please also refer to our “crowd funding” page   and our brief article on how crowd funding and angel investing works.

Greg Barlow
31 January 2013


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