Crowd Funding

You can’t invest in any of the Grand Tours but you CAN have a stake in the Balkan Rendezvous.
Never in history has an event of such magnitude been open to donations and/or investments or operated as a not-for-profit event..
Under the phenomena known as “Crowd Funding” we are offering a unique opportunity to become a crucial part of this momentous event by investing in the Balkan Rendezvous for any amount in excess of US$20.
We offer a wide range of unique merchandise specially produced for those contributing to our crowd funding campaign.
During the 5 months prior and after the Balkan Rendezvous, over US$1 million in prizes and gifts will be issued to those participating in our many competitions.
Those contributing to our crowd funding campaign will be given free entry to those competitions and unique discounts on all merchandise. Our small way of saying “thank you for funding our Phase 2”. Negotiations with our major sponsors and advertisers will shortly confirm exact details of those prizes.

People from anywhere in the world, are invited to be pledge their donation via this crowd funding portal although for obvious reasons, those with ancestry in any of the countries involved in the event have a vested interest in our success.

Please download and watch this Powerpoint presentation for a brief overview of the event and study the following pages.
For more information, you can also visit our draft web site.
Please also join us on Facebook and join our Facebook Event

The Minimum Total Subscription is US$50,000.

Investors are invited to pledge their intention by visiting our crowd funding submission on Indiegogo.

Remember you do not pay unless the minimum subscription is obtained.
That’s because without the minimum subscription, the event can not proceed as planned.

Details of all costs to be covered by your subscriptions will be made available on this web site before 15 February, 2013.

We offer a wide range of rewards for all those who pledge amounts in excess of US$20. Ranging from functional household items from our unique souvenirs to the chance to win return air fares to Athens to participate in the final leg of the event.
Details of those rewards can be seen here.

For a unique investment opportunity with income tax deductions in certain cases, real returns on investments of US$1,000 and over, please refer to  our angel investors submission on Australian Investment Network or contact us directly.

If you need to know more about “Crowd Funding” or “Angel Investors”, please read this blog.

I hope you will join us.
Greg Barlow


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