The Balkan Carnivals

If you’ve got this far, you’re beginning to realise just how big this event is and why you would be crazy to miss out on the Balkan Rendezvous in August 2014.

After you’ve watched the finish of one of the stages of the Balkan Rendezvous cycling event, and watched the exciting Balkan Burning skating event in the same location, the next thing that you shouldn’t miss is the Balkan Carnival in each of the capital cities.
Where neither of the above sporting events occur on a weekend, we expect the carnivals to still occur, maybe on the following weekend.
There are only 11 of these family carnivals, not one for each of the 21 stages of the cycling event.
But then again, knowing how enthusiastic our group of people are in each country, don’t be surprised if they also manage to organise a carnival in some of the smaller towns that form the end of a stage in the cycling.

Now, family carnivals are nothing new. Every respectable town around the world has one, so what’s the big deal?
Glad you asked, because ours is a bit different.

The first thing is that entry will always be free and depending on the organisers, it could be as short as 1 day or possibly last as long as a week. That depends on the people organising.
The Balkan Carnival is an exhibition of local arts and crafts ranging from local traditional snacks of various sorts, cooking and baking, to specialist artists in the wide definition of “arts and crafts”, each one giving live demonstrations of their skills and their wares.
There will be games and rides for the young people, mostly free, and in some towns, an animal nursery and expert demonstrations on pet welfare .
Local cultural societies will be providing entertainment with local traditional music and dance on the stage.
Roving musicians will mingle with the crowds providing on-going traditional and contemporary music.
Most of the local people from the historical societies will be in national costume providing a colourful spectacle unique to that that town or region.

Public conveniences are positioned around the venue.
Food and drinks stations will be arranged by invited NGOs and will be replenished by specifically pre-approved delivery vehicles on a regular basis.

Paramedics and security staff will be patrolling the venue and within a few seconds of any matters that require their attention.
As well, both groups will have permanent tents from which assistance can be given, and at their discretion, demonstrations of home remedy health issues.
Selected NGOs will be invited to erect their own tents to educate the visitors on their activities
The Balkan Rendezvous will also have its own tent where merchandise will be on sale, you can sign the Peace Scrolls, or register for our many prize giving competitions.

A small selection of commercial businesses will be invited to participate and to demonstrate their products and services on the proviso of course, that whatever they sell is subject to the conditions of the Balkan Sale.

The Balkan Carnivals will mostly begin around mid morning and continue on until just before the beginning of the next major activity – the Balkan Concert.
These concerts however only occur on Friday and Saturday nights and may not be held in all cities.
The Carnivals and the concerts will most likely be held in the same venue.
Details are available in the next section.

 That is a very brief explanation of the Balkan Carnivals and what they are all about – tourism promotion for foreign visitors, a great family outing, and lots of fun.
More information is being gathered and added to our new official website.

See you there


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