The Balkan Cavalcade

Our cup is more than half full and the addition of the Balkan Cavalcade may cause some serious spillage.
For that reason, our plans to invite commercial entities to form a cavalcade behind the cyclists and follow them to the finish line of each stage, may well be deferred to next year.
Logistically, we need to appoint at least 1 extra person in each country whose sole task is the encourage a small selection of commercial entities to participate.

There are two reasons for considering the addition of the Cavalcade –

  • to further our desire to encourage commercial development and multi-national trade
  • to earn a small amount of additional income by charging those participating businesses a fee for participating.

For those who think we are copying an idea from other Grand Tour events, we are not.
The Balkan Cavalcade is totally different from anything else.

If and when we do introduce the Cavalcade to our list of activities, it will be restricted to only 4 vehicles from each country which MUST be commercial entities owned by and operating within the Balkan countries.
Another 11 positions in the Cavalcade will be reserved for all those companies, whether local or international, who are sponsors of some aspect of the Balkan Rendezvous in excess of a yet-to-be-decided value.
The Cavalcade will most likely NOT participate in every stage of the cycling event.
Our thoughts were to invite the Cavalcade only to follow the cyclists for the last 20 km into each capital city.

Once participating businesses are confirmed, we will issue instructions on their requirement to comply with Government regulations, the compliance of which must be their corporate responsibility.
Contractual obligations will be between the business and the Balkan Rendezvous but we will not be responsible for any non-compliance issues, for accidents or any other liability for damages caused or suffered by any participant.

For any business invited to join the cavalcade, they must firstly contract to also participate in the Balkan Sale.
Having done so and agreed to our terms and conditions, the businesses will then gain the added advantage of being invited to participate in ALL the Balkan Concerts and ALL the Balkan Carnivals.

With a maximum of 4 vehicles from each country, the cavalcade will consist of 55 vehicles in total.
While they will follow the cyclists and travel at less than 20 km per hour, they will be required to end at the venue used for the concert and will not interfere with the later Balkan Burning skating event.

For the general public, the cavalcade will be an exciting addition as they slowly drive past the spectators dispensing their own sample products and other items, free of charge.
It is therefore expected that for the public spectators, the Balkan Cavalcade may provide additional entertainment AND give an opportunity to collect some interesting items for free.
The National Committees will be responsible for approving or rejecting, proposals from the businesses on their intentions, regarding the type of vehicle and the types of items to be given out.

So, that’s the plan.
Since our event is scheduled for August 2014, we seem to have enough time to organise the entire activity.
Here’s hoping we can do it in time and that we get the amount of support that we expect.

Just another reason for you to come to the Balkans.


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