Teams of the Balkan Rendezvous

Well the first thing to say is that we don’t have teams.
Officially, we do not recognise teams, it’s every cyclist for themselves.
Of course, some may create “teams” by cooperating with each other but for points, prize money and other purposes, we do not recognise them.

We have the benefit however, of 11 countries being involved, even though Italy can only be represented by residents of the Comune di Trieste.
Despite the on-going diplomatic negotiations over the independence of Kosovo, we also treat it as a separate country.

Our strategy is to have the 11 countries each being entitled to nominate 14 cyclists and for the ease of administration and a little ace up our sleeve, to advise all 14 cyclists to divide themselves into 2 groups of 7 riders each.
The nomination process will be handled by the respective cycling associations.
Therefore, if anyone suggests that we have teams, they could argue that our 22 groups are really comprised of 2 “teams” each from 11 countries.

Call them what you wish, we do not recognise them as teams.
Obviously, the podium will hold the first 3 cyclists who will each belong to a certain country and that country’s flag will be proudly worn on their jersey.
Each and every cyclist will receive an appearance fee just for competing and then also of course, be entitled to the stage and overall cash prizes.
The actual amount of the appearance fee can not be confirmed until sponsors’ negotiations are under contract.

In addition to the appearance fees and prizes, a number of cyclists will be entitled to free food and free accommodation.
For those good or lucky enough to receive all the benefits, it will represent a very lucrative event in which to participate.
There is no doubt that within a few years, it will become world famous at which point the Committee will have to face the difficult decision on whether to open the event to international competitors.

It is quite possible that a small number of cyclists will take out many of the stage and overall prize moneys.
That is the main reason for offering the appearance money and the randomly selected free food and free accommodation.
Only in this way, will every cyclist be adequately compensated for competing in a very gruelling event.

The Balkan Rendezvous cycling event is unique in so many ways and our market surveys confirm that we have almost 100% agreement from cyclists within the region.

The most important thing is for the general public to give them their support and come to the Balkans to experience the entire celebrations of peace and cooperation.
If cycling is not your favourite, there are many other reasons to join us which you will read about in the following pages.

Be sure to join us



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