Balkan Rendezvous Cycling

The Balkan Rendezvous is much more than just one of the biggest cycling events in the world, although the entire region-wide event was created from the primary concept of staging a cycling event to compete with the famous Grand Tours.

Participating competitors are restricted to citizens of the 11 countries that are geographically defined as “the Balkans”.
One of our objectives is to provide experience in both international competitions and in gruelling “Grand Tour” type events in the hope that via the Balkan Rendezvous, local competitors will eventually progress to the big money teams which compete in the 3 Grand Tours.
For that reason, the above condition applies and will be strictly enforced.
In the history of all the Grand Tours, very few citizens of the Balkan countries have ever taken podium positions even in the stages and we expect that in the near future, the Balkan region could produce a winner.

There remains the option, to be exercised by the Management Committee in future years, to open the participation to foreign cyclists although presently, we believe that such a strategy defeats the purpose of the event.
A minor twist however, is that the total prize money of the Balkan Rendezvous is not much less than that of the #1 Grand Tour.

Within this section you will discover some fantastic facts and figures and details of this monumental cycling event and why it took 6 years to create.

Also in our temporary web site, there is a lot more information that we can not put on these pages.
Details and dates of the stages, road maps of each stage, competitors’ registration forms, special food and accommodation for competitors,  and most everything else you need to know.

In order to take advantages of the best deals, get the best discounts from the branded sales, book your accommodation, buy merchandise, enter our many world-wide competitions to win prizes, and most other things, you need to register with us.
Around August 2013, some 12 months prior to the event, those registration forms will be available via our web site.

You need to bookmark this site and follow our progress so as not to miss out on any of our updates and special privileges.

First written in January 2009, much needs to be done with our website, social networking, blogs and most importantly, contracting with our major sponsors and world-wide media.

If you hold a passport from any of the Balkan countries, you MUST follow us to ensure you are 1 of the 154 cyclists competing for almost US$2 million in prize money.

See you around

Oh, by the way, if you have any activity that is directly related to what the Balkan Rendezvous is all about, we’d love to hear from you and maybe create a link to your business or activity. Clearly, preference is given to people in the Balkans.

Greg Barlow


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