The Balkan Welfare Projects

This is our last page and describes briefly, the entire purpose and objective of the Balkan Rendezvous.

Our corporate structure is constitutionally bound as a “not-for-profit” entity.
Every aspect of the Balkan Rendezvous is designed to create income for welfare purposes.
The entire net income from the sale of products, merchandise, membership fees, commissions and other sources is re-allocated to our Arasi Foundation.

The Arasi Foundation holds all funds in its own bank account and is under the management of a small number of Trustees.
Those trustees are responsible for reviewing projects submitted to them by invited NGOs operating around the region.
The NGOs are selected on the basis of their proven ratio of administration costs to gross income.
In some cases, the Arasi Foundation may hold assets in trust for specific projects which require the ownership of tangible items of property.

NGOs are therefore invited to submit their recommended welfare projects.
It is a pre-requisite of all such submissions that the project is designed to provide long term sustainable improvements to the life style of the less fortunate members of their immediate society.
Such improvements to life styles will include employment, food, health, education, clothing and shelter, in that order.

The NGOs will be required to include in their submissions, budgets, estimated number of people to benefit, methods of on-going management, expected duration of the project, and general information on how the project will alter the long term sustainable income potential and life style of the targeted beneficiaries.

The Trustees of the Arasi Foundation will then either reject the proposal, require further details, or approve.
Generally, any approved project will not include payment of cash to third parties except as a part of the sustenance of those involved.

Some examples which are most likely to generate approvals are –

  • Those that provide sustenance employment which improves tourism facilities or the rejuvenation of public facilities and property;
  • Those that provide for long term food production in the most efficient and least labour intensive method;
  • Those that provide improved heath and education opportunities for the most number of people;
  • Those that create opportunities to provide clothing and shelter to the most number of people;

On a lighter note, the Trustees subscribe to the old adage –
Give a man a fish and you feed him for day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.”
– with a third line that says
“Teach a woman to fish and you feed her entire village for life.”

Therefore, the Trustees will also give preference to projects centred around the management and overall supervision by women.
Mmmmm, ok, we could be accused of sexism.
No, not really. The Trustees all think that the system is less likely to be taken advantage of.

As stated elsewhere, the fund raising target for the first year of the Balkan Rendezvous is US$22 million.
That sum is expected to remain after paying all expenses incurred on the event, and will result from the sale of world-wide media rights and from all levels of sponsorship.

While that amount could be said to represent an average of US$2 million per country, that will not occur.
We have created a formula which allocates the amount for each country based on that country’s population, unemployment rates, its standard of living, and GDP/PPP as determined by the World Bank.
The result of this strategy is that those countries with a lower ratio of GDP/PPP will receive a higher $ value per head of population than others.
From the above link, you will note that of the countries involved in the Balkan Rendezvous, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina both narrowly escape the bottom half in the world, while  Slovenia tops the list at 33 rd place out of 190 countries.
Similarly, unemployment rates in the region are generally higher than elsewhere in Europe.
Kosovo tops the list with a staggering 40% of the population, while Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece are also more than double the European average and Slovenia is the only country better than the European average.
Even major humanitarian organisations like the Red Cross/Red Crescent Society is stretched beyond its massive resources.

Clearly, there is much need for some serious humanitarian assistance in improving lifestyles in this region and within a few years, the Balkan Rendezvous expects to make some highly tangible and quantifiable inroads into the suffering within the region.

That’s why we are asking for your support.
Even by liking or following us, the numbers will help us in negotiations with sponsors.
That’s the least we ask of you.

Finally, let me repeat that the Arasi Foundation is prevented from incurring any expenditure for any purpose whatsoever.
Every penny it receives from the Balkan Rendezvous or any other project that it is involved in, MUST be allocated 100% to pre-defined and approved projects.

That’s the best reason to support us.


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