What to Expect

This post relates specifically to What to Expect during The Balkan Sale, one of the major region-wide activities of the Balkan Rendezvous.
Well, maybe i’m a bit early creating this post because quite frankly, nothing is yet cemented into contracts and it could be as late as December 2013 before we can post a respectable list of participating businesses.
Our first target by that date is to have as many as 1,100 companies and maybe up to 11,000 products.
Those numbers are expected to more than double by the time the region wide Balkan Sale begins on Friday 25 July 2014.

BUT, let’s just assume that we succeed in getting the types of products and services and the numbers that we are expecting.
You’ll need to save and budget and create a list of things that you would expect to find.
Hence we have created this “early warning system”.

The first thing you should do is to buy the special booklet which we have already created and which adds to the benefits – prizes to be won just for using the booklet when you pay for things during the month long sale.
Only with this special booklet will you get the “double whammy” of saving a heap on your purchases and also winning valuable prizes ranging from a motor car to all expenses paid holidays, electronic devices, electrical items, telecommunication products and so on, and on and on.

We can’t tell you what the booklet is until our patent attorneys give us the go-ahead and you know what lawyers are like (i love ’em).

Back to the sale –
One of the world’s biggest car manufacturers is expected to join; airlines, hotel chains, local restaurants, branded clothes, branded jewellery, accessories, toiletries, perfumes, eye-wear, electric and electronic appliances; damn, it’s crazy to begin a list for several reasons –

Let’s be honest, we really haven’t got a clue who will and who wont be in it and until our investor comes good, expected in November 2012, we can’t do any more recruiting than just a few polite, non-committal questions.
However, that’s a short list of what’s on our shopping list and in some cases, positive discussions have already taken place.

Then we will be targeting the manufacturing and professional consulting industries where those businesses are capable of exporting their products and services.
We intend to be an indispensable conduit between Balkan exporters, and importers from all over the world providing avenues for Balkan businesses to improve their international trading conditions.

The mining industries that have deferred investment in the region because of political and diplomatic uncertainties may interpret our event as a sign of renewed diplomatic cooperation and stability, which may encourage them to invest in the untapped wealth of the region’s natural resources.

Well, i’m sorry that we can’t be more specific but really, the objective is to forewarn those lucky enough to read these blogs that in August 2014, the Balkan region will have what could be one of the biggest branded sales in history.
Yep, you wouldn’t be the first to call me insane but if you do, there could be about 88 others that also fit the description.
I just love the lyrics to Billy Joel’s “but it just might be a lunatic you’re looking for”, and i’m an optimist by nature, prompted by (at the moment) 30+ highly motivated committee members.

Start saving folks, and i’ll see you there.


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