The Balkan Sale

Here is an aspect of the Balkan Rendezvous that appeals to everybody, we call it the Balkan Sale.
I have to admit that it’s a while since I DIDN’T watch one of the big cycling races.
There’s not much inline skating on TV but if you’ve ever watched it, it’s a damn good sport to watch and even better to take part in.

BUT, the Balkan Sale is totally unique and suitable for everybody.
No, we’re not actually selling the countries, but by the time the sale opens in late July 2014, we intend to have between 100 and 500 commercial businesses and their products in each of the 11 countries, offering some sort of unique, first time, discounts and special offers to anyone who walks in with our uniquely designed discount book.
Aha, no, not yet. We can’t tell you what it’s called or what it looks like until those lovely lawyers have finished with all those crazy technicalities and legalities.

Hey, there are regular sales all over the place – pick up your paper or watch TV for 5 minutes and you’ll find a sale somewhere near you.
There are even a few countries (like my home country Malaysia) that has annual sales mostly around their capital city.
BUT, when have you ever heard of a branded sale that covers a huge range of products and services in ELEVEN countries, all coordinated into one giant, diverse, region-wide sale?
Never. Right?

So, each National Committee of the Balkan Rendezvous has its special manager responsible for recruiting product and service providers from his/her country with a primary target of 100 providers and a final target of about 500. That is in each country so we’re talking about 5,500 businesses.
Maths was never my strong point but my calculator tell me that if each shop was to have 10 different products on sale, that would amount to …. err, umm, 55,000 products. Right?

There is an instruction booklet contained in our 84 page Operations Manual describing the process of recruiting businesses, beginning with branded products, some international and some local.
From that higher end list of products, we move into the local product and service providers which are expected to form the bulk of our eventual data-base.
Our primary thrust is to attempt to create a regional centre (being the entire Balkans) which over time becomes known for its annual branded sale where the widest range of branded products are discounted for 30 days.

Hotels from budget to 5 star and restaurants, will cater most for foreign tourists but local arts and crafts shops, and even suppliers who have export potential and are looking for foreign import agents will be high on our list of priorities.
There is another post on “What to Expect” which discusses what are our targeted companies, businesses and products.
As our data-base increases, the full, searchable, indexed link will be uploaded to a printer-friendly page on our web site.

Yet another post linked from the page on The Balkan Sale, gives you an idea of where best to visit in order to find the real deal on both branded products and local ones.
It’s too early to name names until we have signed contracts but with savings up to 50% (in Malaysia we say “buy 1, free 1”) you’ll have good reasons to spend August in the Balkans.

More information is also given in our draft web site.
Presently, the web site is in English only and the task of translating all pages into 9 different languages is left for later (it’s now in the too hard basket).

Time to start saving up. If you run short of money when you see the bargain of your life, you could be kicking yourself for not taking me seriously.
Well, you can always wait for the next year.

Start saving


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