The Balkan Concerts

There is much more to the Balkan Rendezvous than just the biggest cycling and skating events in the world, the biggest region-wide Balkan Sale, or even the unique Balkan Carnivals.
And even after the Balkan Concerts, we still have more.

Our Management Committee of 88 people are working tirelessly to create a region wide event that caters for all age groups from all over the world.
So far, we’ve created short blogs about the Balkan Rendezvous cycling event, the Balkan Burning road skating event, the Balkan Sale, and the Balkan Carnivals.
This page is created to give you a short description of our planned live concerts, all scheduled to be part of the Balkan Rendezvous scheduled for August 2014.

In a selection of capital cities presently planned to coincide with a weekend stage finish of the cycling event, live concerts will be held in an open air venue yet to be determined.
When we have confirmed permits, transport, security, conveniences, venues, and all other details, everything will be available from our draft website
While we hope to create free Woodstock-style concerts, that depends a lot on our major sponsors and right now, we’re negotiating over sponsoring costs and selling media rights to the entire Balkan Rendezvous event.

Can you imagine the effect of offering (say) four free concerts in (eg)  Ljubljana, Belgrade, Sofia and Athens?
Ljubljana and Athens presently look to be certain but the other 2 will depend on how the stages work out in terms of finishing in a capital city on a weekend. Awesome, eh!!!
Worst case scenario – we have to charge a small entrance fee to cover the shortfall in sponsorship but we really don’t think that’s going to happen.

Concerts are scheduled to begin around 7 pm and continue, subject to local government permits, through to around 1 am at each venue.
We’ve got so many things to organise and have a thorough check list to ensure everything runs smoothly.
When it happens, they will be some of the biggest outdoor concerts ever held in those  cities lucky enough to be on the route.
If the cities are not selected this year, you can be fairly sure that they will be chosen next year.
You see, the Balkan Rendezvous is something that should be on your annual calendar of “Must Dos” because mostly, every year will be different.

So, what to expect at these Balkan Concerts?
Short answer – come and find out.
BUT, we’ve got some pretty awesome venues lined up – 50+ acre empty fields.
On site public conveniences – OK, they may not be gold lined toilets but they are functional and private.
A wide range of food and drinks stalls operated by invited NGOs there to offer you the local variety of “fast foods” and from what i’m told – damn cheap.
Paramedics, ambulances, and efficient and experienced security personnel with tents for lost kids and things.
The Balkan Rendezvous merchandise tent where you can also buy music videos and CDs.
The managers are instructed to provide child-minding facilities but you bring your own baby food and daipers.

As for the performers, well, we have to keep that under wraps until we get a bit closer to the event.
Let’s just say that we are head-hunting for some big international names to complement the local bands and performers who will (and should) make up the majority of the performances.
Contemporary modern music will also be complemented by traditional music and dance with performers in their traditional costumes.
Remember that we are committed to the rejuvenation of cultural and traditional music and dance.

Being open air venues, there will be no seating so let’s all pray for a clear night and bring a blanket, a sleeping bag and a rain coat just in case.

A brief word of warning – generally, at all venues, there will be NO alcohol allowed.

Let me repeat – we are trying very hard to make these Balkan Concerts free entry. Until we know the extent of sponsorship and media support, we still can’t promise anything but we are very aware of the long term benefits of NOT charging entrance fees, even if it was only a few Euro.

Eventually, complete details will be available on our draft website – how to get there, maps, parking, transport, dates, times, ticket purchasing (if applicable), lists of performers and everything that you need to know.

Please be patient while we add blogs and further details as all negotiations continue.
Our 88 member committee has every possible aspect covered but something that has never been done before, takes time.

Come back, bookmark us, follow us and eventually you’ll be up on what’s going on in the Balkans.
Now, time to phone our favourite sponsor and see what’s up.



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