Balkan Burning Stages

You have read a brief introduction to the Balkan Burning.
This page relates to the 11 stages.

Competitors have two choices
1. to compete in only a selection of the 11 stages, OR
2. to attempt to compete in all 11 stages to be held in every capital city.

Each stage will cover exactly 10km although there will be a starting grid about 100 metres before the official start line and before the clock starts ticking.
This gives a chance for all the top skaters to position themselves away from the bunch and to leave the amateurs to fend for themselves.

The terrain of each stage will be different and include some inclines and declines, sharp corners and much straight line speed skating.
In some stages, to cater for transport authority requirements, media filming and for spectators, the course has more than 1 lap of the streets.

The order in which the stages will be held, maps of each course, the starting dates and times, and at a later date, the online registration forms will all be available on our web site which, in draft form only, can be seen from this link.

Starting times for male and female skaters will differ by 30 minutes and in both cases, all skaters must be off the course within 45 minutes of their respective start times.

Prize money is the same for both male and female skaters.
Those skaters who register for more than 3 stages will be eligible for daily draws to determine who will receive free food and free accommodation during for two (2) days and nights.
Similarly, transport between each city for those who register for more than 3 stages, will also be free of charge but passport control at all border crossings is the responsibility of skaters.

All competitors are required to wear on their clothing, their registration number, a flag of their country and the logo of the event’s official sponsor as determined and supplied by the organisers of the event.
Previously it was stated that helmets are compulsory and the organisers recommend the use of gloves, and knee and elbow guards.

The organisers reserve the right to require other conditions of entry and to charge a small registration fee which may be refunded upon completion of a set number of stages.

Finally, for those registering for the entire 11 stages, the biggest prize money in the skating world awaits them at the finish line in Athens where massive celebrations will be held to mark the end of the first ever Balkan Rendezvous.

For the public, the 48 million inhabitants of the Balkan countries, and the estimated millions of foreign visitors, there is something in the Balkan Rendezvous that will make it worth your while joining us.
We hope you can extend your stay to join us in all countries and for as many activities as you can squeeze in to your schedule.

Join us and we’ll see you there.


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