Balkan Burning Competitors

We have created a few pages on this subject with a general introduction and explanation, and secondly, a brief description of the 11 stages of the Balkan Burning inline skating competition.

Let’s spend a few minutes talking about the competitors.
On our draft web site there is a page that takes you to the conditions, prizes and even space to insert the list of names of all competitors, which we will be doing when registration opens in mid 2013.
This is where all of our information for those wishing to register, will be held.

Competitors from any country are entitled to register via our online registration form but the organisers reserve the right to close entries and registrations once the number reaches a yet-to-be-determined figure.
There is no age limit but athletes need to consider the following before registering –
1). The organisers can not be responsible for any health issues resulting from participation in the event:
2). Children under the age of 13 will not under any circumstances be allowed to begin from the front line:
3). All competitors taking part in the event must be off the course within 45 minutes of the official start time;
4). Any course official may remove a competitor from the course if the official is of the opinion that the competitor is causing unnecessary obstruction or danger to any other competitor.

Details of prize money is contained elsewhere in the website but the organisers reserve the right to alter any part of that information depending on the amount of support received from our official sponsors.

Competitors are required to register on line using the form provided and to submit the required registration fee.
The form will require the athlete’s self-assessed ranking on a scale of 1 to 10 to enable the organisers to determine the appropriate grid position.
The same number provided by the organisers must be worn  by the competitor during all stages and may not be replaced if lost or stolen.

The above web site will contain the names of all competitors, their country of origin  and their ranking.

Damn, I’ve got all that official sounding stuff our of the way, let’s not get too serious here guys. This is supposed to be fun.

OK, if you got all that, there’s nothing stopping you.
Keep an eye on these pages to be ready when the time comes.


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