The Balkan Burning

While the Balkan Rendezvous cycling event covers over 3,400 km from Trieste to Athens in 21 stages, the Balkan Burning skating event is only 11 stages totalling 110 km, but includes all the same cities.

The “Balkan Burning” is named for the fire and lightening from as many as 1,000 inline speed skaters, both professional (if there is such a thing), part timers, and even families, as they compete in 10 km stages, skating through the streets of the 11 capital cities.
The BIG money though, more than 10 times the prize money offered by most skating events, will be snapped up by some of the best inline road skaters in the world and when registration is open in early 2014, we expect them to enter from all over the world.

Most top road speed skaters will complete the distance in less than 15 minutes, reaching speeds of up to 40 kph, so if you’re not up to that level, come for the fun.
However, in order to cater for the demands of the world-wide media, and to allow time to then cover the other events scheduled for the same night, the course will be closed after 45 minutes and if you haven’t finished by then, our security teams will require you to exit the course.

Unlike the Balkan Rendezvous cycling event, the Balkan Burning is open to speed skaters anywhere in the world.
The registration form (when we upload it in mid 2013) will require declaration of experience and of placings in other events.
This is required to allow the top skaters, front line starts.

Being an open event, we expect skaters with a wide range of abilities to register, and the best skaters will be positioned in the front line at the grid.
Skaters not using inline skates or not able to substantiate their abilities at world standard, will be positioned by numbers, in several groups behind those of world class.

Competition for prize money will be concentrated in the world class skaters but every competitor, no matter how many people register, will be eligible for amateur status prizes, all the way down to first-timers.

Separate classifications exist for male and female skaters and prize money is the same.

Helmets are compulsory and competitors will not be allowed on the course without an approved helmet.
The organisers recommend other protection such as hand, elbow and knee guards but they are not compulsory.

Then we have some general topics which will be more of interest to amateur and fun skaters while not directly related to the Balkan Burning road skating event.
These blogs may interest you but let’s be honest – with the objective of raising funds for welfare, we want to earn money from whatever source and that’s what these blogs are all about.

  • Pro Skaters – discussing the lack of money in the sport
  • Road Skating – brief thoughts on inline skating generally
  • Skating in Europe – exploring the possibility of an increase in interest
  • Roller skating places – where do the beginners go to improve their skills
  • Start skating – trying my best to promote the sport
  • Lose weight skating – see above. Hey, come on. It’s relevant.
  • Skating to lose weight – same topic but different approach

Those pages are created to provide information about the sport for those who are not familiar with it, and also to give you an opportunity to spend with us on things that you might consider buying elsewhere.
Remember that every $ we earn goes towards our Arasi Foundation and utilised for peace and welfare projects.
We are constitutionally bound as a NOT-FOR-PROFIT entity which binds us to using such income for our welfare projects.

Finally, there is much more information on our temporary website which will soon be upgraded and migrated to its own domain.



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