People behind the Balkan Rendezvous

At this point in time, several people have hesitated to accept positions on the management committee. That’s natural – it’s a big event with a huge budget and it’s never been done before.

Until we have sponsors, sell the media rights and get approvals and permits from 11 federal governments and various departments, some will remain skeptical.
The 11 countries of the Balkans have never experienced total political and diplomatic cooperation since the Byzantine Empire, about 1,400 years ago so i can’t blame people for being hesitant.

Despite that, we have some highly experienced and skillful people already committed to the management – 3 of the required 5 Balkan Burning skating managers, 3 of 6 Balkan Rendezvous cycling managers, 4 of 6 managers for the Balkan Sale, divisional managers and support staff for the Balkan Carnivals and the Balkan Welfare projects, and preliminary discussions have taken place with potential contractors to manage the Balkan Concertscarnivals and the Balkan State Dinners.

Eventually, each of the 11 countries will have their own National Committees, 1 member of which will be appointed to represent that country on the Management Committee. To assist that top committee, we have specialist consultants, and a general manager, all of whom are already appointed.

With the long term firmly fixed in our plans, the majority of those committee members are under 30 years of age. To begin with, the General Manager and Chair of the Management Committee is based in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is known around the world for his knowledge and experience in peace-building, is the founder of the Center for Peacebuilding and a recipient of the Bremen Peace Award.

Both the physical office and the position as chair are rotational with an elected Vice Chair from another country taking the top position every 2 year cycle. The next head office and the next General Manager will be from Serbia .

In addition to our team, we are pleased to welcome several experienced advisers from outside the Balkans who have volunteered their time and skills to help us do it right. As much as I’m embarrassed by the amateur condition of our temporary website, I’m more proud of those who have already committed to the event.

Senior members of the Management Committee can be seen here in our draft web site, soon to be migrated to its own domain. Don’t be alarmed by the blank spaces. Most are tentatively filled.

Remember their names – these are the people who are committed to our tag line – “Let’s Make History“.

Greg Barlow


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