Tourism in the Balkans

If you’ve had the time to read the pages from the top menu, you’ve already got an idea of what awaits the tourists.
Foreign” meaning anyone from a country other than the one you live in and with 11 countries in the Balkans and nearly 1 billion people in Europe alone, we’ve got the potential of attracting a few million visitors during the month long event.
Our target is 5 million additional tourists in the area during the month of August 2014.
That’s only 10% of the population of the Balkans and will not create a serious strain on the resources.

Via our new website however (whoops, sorry. Not yet up), we’ll have on-line accommodation bookings to help you get what you want.
I wouldn’t recommend that you just roll up, hoping to find a spare hotel bed – they could be all booked out.
That registration will require a small deposit and your complete details, and will be available about 12 months before the opening day.
If you need to know anything about tourism in the Balkans, go to our Links page where we give you links to the official tourism sites for all countries.

As I’ve said before, we’ve tried to incorporate into the program, something of interest for everyone.
Cycling and street skating isn’t for everyone (I suppose) but by the time you think about live concerts (free, if we can con convince our sponsors to pay for them), branded sales throughout the region, culture and history tours, opportunities to get involved in our peace building efforts and welfare projects, or just hang out, we’ve got it all.

You’ll also be totally amazed at how cheap everything is in this largely unexplored region.
For those with an appetite for sales, we think we’ve got the biggest in the world.
In terms of costs and development, the tourist industry is more like what the south of Spain was 50 years ago.

Transport in and out of the region is easy with many international and regional airlines servicing most of the cities. Train and bus services are regularly and (fairly) reliable.
Roads are good and signposts are mostly in more than 1 language.
We will be posting road maps on our site but your GPS will be best. We’ll have a hot line for those who get lost.

Having travelled all over Europe in our own “campervan”, I just want you to remember than when travelling in a foreign country, you never get lost – you just take the long route.

Join us and we’ll see you there.


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