How the Balkan Rendezvous was Created

Just in case you’re interested in how this all came about, here’s a short story.

Well, it all began around 1996 when we were working on another much larger project called “The World Peace Rally”
We realised that it was too big and we needed to extract a part of it and treat that part as an entirely new, stand-alone project.
That part was what we had originally called the Balkan Rendezvous.

So, with an initial capital of around US$50,000 we continued our research, improved all the documentation and began networking with a small selection of people who had the knowledge and experience necessary for the overall management.

Years of research and conceptualisation resulted in copious documents planning the entire event from cash flows and budgets down to the names of restaurants and where to sleep.
It took several years to perfect over 200 pages of instructions and giving rise to a 346 point Action Plan, Corporate Structure, Organisation Charts, Job Specifications, an Operations Manual, Marketing Plan, Cash Flow Projections, SWOT analysis, a draft web site and hundreds of other research and operational papers.

Living in Malaysia at the time, we slowly began creating our network and during 2011 and 2012, that network was big enough to form the basis of our future Management Committee.

Further cash injections brought us to what we call the “preliminary implementation stage” which meant searching for agents who would be able to source investors, sponsors and media.
Sadly, the industry is plagued by “would-bees” and “wanna-bees” who will promise the world and deliver nothing. We had more than our share.

At the time of writing, we seem to have found the right company and are back on track to hold the event in August 2014.

The Balkan Rendezvous, despite the let downs, the lack of professionalism in the industry and the shortage of additional capital, we are on track and the red carpet is now irrevocably set ready to be rolled out on the streets of Trieste in the last few days of July 2014.

From the menu above, you can see exactly what is involved in the biggest event in the history of the Balkans.
From our cycling and skating events to all the other activities throughout the Balkans, we believe we can contribute to making the Balkans Europe’s next great tourist destination.
We are now only awaiting the outcome of negotiations with major sponsors and the media.

You’ll enjoy reading about this totally unique event and why we and 48 million people from the region are so excited by the whole concept.

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