About the Balkan Rendezvous

In these pages you will discover all about this incredible event.
From the menu above, you can read how it was created, who is behind the event, what countries are involved and a host of other information.

The Balkan Rendezvous is destined to become the biggest event in the history of the Balkans and result from the greatest political and diplomatic cooperation to occur between the 11 countries since they were last aligned in diplomatic cooperation during the Byzantine Empire around 650 AD/CE.

You will learn that this event is totally unique in that it is the only major sporting and multi-faceted event in the world that is NOT driven by the profit motive.
The corporate structure behind the event is constitutionally bound as a not-for-profit entity.
The entire profit from the event, after all normal commercial operating costs, will be directed into our own registered international welfare foundation which in turn, distributes that income to selected NGOs who are held responsible for administering welfare projects in their town, city, region or country.
While it may be a bit premature, you will also get a short insight into the workings of the Arasi Foundation.

The Balkan Rendezvous is for everyone of all ages from anywhere in the world and the immigration controls will be welcoming and highly cooperative for anyone who pre-registers for our special arrangements.

There are totally unique sporting events, the first regional branded sale in the world, arts and crafts demonstrations, cultural music and dance, family carnivals, live concerts and a host of other activities throughout the entire Balkan Region, from Trieste to Sofia and Athens.
If your schedule prevents you from spending the entire month of August 2014 here, you can study the schedule of events and plan your vacation around your favourite locations.

If you miss out on one region, there’s always next year, or the next year, or …. well you know what I mean.

I just ask you to be patient while I upload all the pages, create all the links and give you all the details and information that you need.
We are also working on our new web site with its own domain. Our old web site will be migrated before the end of 2012.

We are also on Facebook so even though we may not be providing updates until after December 2012, please join us

If you have a site that is directly related to what we are doing and is complimentary to the Balkan Rendezvous, contact us and we’ll consider linking.

Happy reading
Greg Barlow
Founder and Operations Consultant


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