Crowd Funding and Angel Investors

For those unfamiliar with the term “Crowd Funding”, the best solution is to search the term in your country.
We use Indiegogo which is based in Australia but also claims to be world-wide.
In most cases, crowd funding portals do not allow us to offer interest or other financial rewards for your investing. The most we can do is to say “thank you” and try to offer you something of personal value called a “perk“.

The idea in a nutshell, is that people like an idea so much that they agree to pledge a sum of money (as little as $10) and when/if the pre-stated minimum capital is raised, the person is then required to honour their pledge and pay the amount.
If the minimum is NOT reached, you do NOT pay anything.
At the time of pledging, your credit card or PayPal account is given to the crowd funding portal.
1. You should NEVER give your credit card or bank account details to anyone (even to us). Payments are best made via Paypal
2. If you pay your pledge in a currency other than that of the requested currency, your credit card/bank may charge you  a small fee.

“Angel Investing” is an entirely different story.
This method of raising funds does NOT normally involve the public.
There are people and companies all over the world who take an interest in investing (mostly a few thousand but also sometimes more than $1 million) in a project for commercial gain.
Being entrepreneurs, these investors usually expect to take a part ownership equity in the business and to earn returns on their investment as high as 2 or 3 times the amount of their investment.
This makes it difficult for the Balkan Rendezvous because it is NOT a profit making undertaking and whatever we pay to the angel investor, comes off what would otherwise be used for welfare purposes throughout the Balkans.

The Balkan Rendezvous has made a public appeal for Angel Investors via an Australian based portal known as “Australian Investment Network” which is a part of the world-wide Angel Investment Network.

However, for us, both methods of raising funds are being used.
In our “pitch” at Indiegogo, we describe the purpose of raising funds and also a description of the “perks” that we offer to those who pledge.
Check our Indiegogo campaign here.

In our pitch to the Angel Investment Network, we describe the Vision, Missions and Objectives of our project and the financial return offered to investors.

Anyone interested in supporting us as either a donor or an investor, please go to this page.

Thank you
Greg Barlow


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