Lose Weight Skating

Strange that this subject hasn’t been discussed more.
Really, lots has been said about jogging and walking, and the fitness centres, gyms, diet gurus etc are all making a b…y bomb charging an arm and a leg to spend 30 to 60 minutes of your day, following some totally boring regime to help you lose weight.
The fact is that with the possible exception of walking and jogging, there is no way cheaper, more healthy and more fun than to lose weight skating.

The cost of decking yourself out in the minimal equipment needed is probably about 1% of the cost of joining a gym and the gear will last you years.
The leg and lower body muscles required to skate will be better trimmed skating that by walking or jogging and while the gym will use more muscles, (if you use all the many apparatus that are available), it’s never been my favourite activity.

Once you’ve got up a bit of speed, you can just stand upright and glide for a while until you catch your breath but just getting up some speed will burn more calories over a short time than most other activities.
Then you start uphill. Now that can be hard work. Heavy breathing is good for you, sweating is good for you, pushing the leg muscles up a steep road will achieve all those and burn the calories real quick.
Livestrong.com says that according to “Fitness Magazine”, a 150-lb. person burns 482 calories an hour by using the traditional quad skate, but 827 calories per hour by inline skating.

There has been much research all concluding that skating will improve your fitness levels, especially cardiovascular development, muscle strength and lung capacity. Livestrong says that one hour of inline skating will burn about “as many calories as running while strengthening your leg muscles and connecting tissues”.
It seems clear that a semi-regular time spent on inlines and even quads will help you lose weight skating better than most other sports, particularly if you mix it up with flat and inclined surfaces.

But the sport is not just for losing weight. It can be a group, a family activity, a lot of fun and certainly MUCH better than spending a few hours in front of the idiot box.



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