The Balkan Rendezvous #1

Over the past few weeks we’ve created a host of pages with informal descriptions of what we are all about.
This blog has a long way to go.
At this time, we are collecting a few links ready to create opportunities for us to earn income.

Every penny/cent that we earn from commissions and the same of products goes directly, 100% to our Arasi Foundation for eventual disbursement to welfare projects throughout the region.
Therefore, if you see a link to “Commission Junction” or to “Amazon”, you’ll know that if you buy from us, the commission (from 4% up) that we earn from your purchase goes to welfare.
We do NOT use any of that income for administration purposes.
Our admin costs are covered by sponsorships and the sale of media rights for this incredible event.

Please bookmark, follow and subscribe to this bog so that you can keep up with all the news over the next 20- months.
We also have a Facebook group which will also be launched within the next few weeks, another way of keeping track of all this madness.

This is going to be fun and our team of totally insane men and women throughout the Balkans are dedicated to making this the event of the century.

You will soon learn why we use our tagline – “LET’S MAKE HISTORY



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