What is the Balkan Rendezvous

The following is a direct copy of our Executive Summary which in its clinical way, with numbered short sentences, has been presented to all potential agents, investors, sponsors, media groups and others.
it also forms the focal point of our training program for committee members and employees.


1.1. The Balkan Rendezvous® is a small but important part of the World Peace Rally®;

1.2. The Balkan Rendezvous is a not-for-profit event, 6 years in the planning;

1.3. The Balkan Rendezvous is a multi-faceted, month-long event occurring in all 11 countries and regions generally defined as “the Balkans”;

1.4. The Balkan Rendezvous is under the control of 3 independent, international, specialist consultants and a Management Committee of 33 members from all 11 countries, with a rotating Chair and rotating head office.

2.1. The Mission Statement defines the objectives as including multi-national diplomatic cooperation as never before accomplished;

2.2. The event is a tourism promotion exercise encompassing major international sporting events, historical and cultural promotions, a regional sale, and the widest range of community welfare projects ever undertaken in the region.

3.1. The Balkan Rendezvous includes the most unique, and one of the biggest cycling events in the world, more than comparable with the famous Tour de France;

3.2. The event includes The Balkan Burning®, the biggest road skating event in the world involving all 11 capital cities;

3.3. The Balkan Sale® is a region-wide retail sale of discounted products and services participated by over 1,100 establishments throughout the region;

3.4. The event includes live, outdoor concerts to be managed by one of the world’s biggest music events-management companies, and broadcast world-wide;

3.5. In selected cities, gala/state dinners are planned for invited diplomats, politicians and senior commercial representatives;

3.6. Cultural and Historical Societies in all countries are encouraged to create unique music, dance, arts, crafts and historical demonstrations and exhibitions throughout their respective countries but concentrated in the capital cities, à la Romantische Strasse, Bavaria.

4. Targeted surplus income of US$25+ million will be disbursed through the Arasi Foundation© to selected non-profit NGOs in all 11 countries and providing an estimated 500,000 disadvantaged people with a tangible and sustainable improvement in their life-styles, while also providing employment to over 1,100 people.

5.1. Resulting from present and on-going negotiations by our international marketing consultant, major international sponsors and world-wide broadcasting groups will fund all operating costs and provide the surplus required for our welfare program;

5.2. Our media consultant’s present negotiations suggest that via the world’s two biggest broadcasting unions, world-wide media coverage will exceed 3 billion people.

6. The event is presently scheduled for August 2014.

During the 3614 km journey, 154 cyclists, their 22 vehicle entourage, and registered international film crews will, with the approval of the 11 governments, pass through 20 international border crossings without stopping – the first time in history and resulting from unprecedented diplomatic cooperation between all 11 countries.

The tourism promotion of the entire region will be surpassed only by the resulting commercial development of 11 of the least developed and financially strained economies in Europe.

Major international peace and humanitarian NGOs are awaiting confirmation of funding from several major multi-national corporations before providing their written endorsement and support for the event.


Copyright World Peace Rally. January 2012



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